Each time a new casting call arrives we share with the new project’s casting director our most suitable potential candidates for the available roles.
The casting director gets back to us with the names of the candidates invited for an audition.

The first step of the casting is making a video audition.

The selftape audition:
More and more often for roles in advertisement, movies and TV series, actors are chosen through self-made videos.
Follow these tips for a better result:
* Keep the camera horizontal (using your smartphone is enough)
* Have a plain background with no object or furniture or door / windows visible
* Don’t start saying immediately your lines, create the situation first with some gestures and face mimics. Sometimes the dialogue lines are very short and a selftape shorter than 30 seconds doesn’t really look nice.
* If it’s a dialogue in between 2 or more people ask to someone to read the other characters’ lines. Only you should be in front of the camera though.
* Memorize your lines, don’t read.
* If not requested, don’t look straight into the camera. Choose a point next to it and look always in that direction.

If after watching your video audition the film director will be interested in you, you will be contacted by us and you will be asked to keep available the days in which the project will be shoot (option request).
In the option mail we will send to the casting director, we will agree on the budget and will also write all the candidate’s roles in commercials in the previous 3 or 4 years.

The callback audition:
Most of the “optioned” candidates are then invited to the production company office for a final audition which will be held by the 1st & 2nd assistant director or by the film director.
The majority of Istanbul’s production companies are in Levent area.
These final auditions generally last in between 5 and 20 minutes, with a precise appointment given.

During the audition you will be asked to briefly introduce yourself in English or in Turkish in a few seconds. 2 or 3 photos will also be taken. Then you will act according to the script guided by the director’s assistant.

You can wear daily casual outfit or an outfit according to the role.
For women is important to have light makeup.

Although an audition schedule is made, delays are common because some auditions may last longer than planned. Some candidates may be asked to repeat the scene with a different mood. Sometimes even different outfits or props are used for recreating the real shooting set.

The people auditioning you for the “callback” are the people you will meet on the set if you will be eventually chosen.

Don’t expect to get a refund for travel cost to audition place.

For who doesn’t live in Istanbul, it’s often possible to be auditioned online. But a face to face audition always gives higher chances to be chosen.

In case of positive news, a few days after the audition the casting director will get in touch with us and we’ll immediately update you.

Please remember that there won’t be a feedback either ways for all the candidates who have sent their selftape audition. We are informed by the casting directors only when someone gets shortlisted or is chosen.

Don’t expect to have a feedback right after the callback audition.
All decisions are generally taken 2 days before the first possible shoot day.

Your agent will call you for giving the positive news. After that you will be in the hands of the production company.
Your phone number will be given to the casting director and it will be shared with the production company.
The production company in most of cases is not directly in touch with your agent, so you are the one who will update your agent about all following steps.

You may be invited for a costume fitting one or 2 days before the shoot.
The shoot day & time will be probably confirmed not earlier than the day before.